About Keter

Keter’s Mission is to empower people and leverage technology to optimize diversion and efficiency.

Who We Are

Keter Environmental Services is a full-service waste and recycling management company focused on providing first-class sustainable waste and recycling programs on a national footprint. We work with forward-thinking companies who understand that increasing landfill diversion rates and improving operational efficiency is crucial to an effective and sustainable business strategy. We approach each opportunity with the knowledge that each company we work with is unique in its waste streams, needs, goals, and challenges.

Our Core Values

pursue diversion

We Passionately Pursue Diversion and Efficiency
Divert every valuable material from landfills in the simplest most economic manner.


We are Accountable to Clients, Colleagues, and Vendors
Agree only to what we can deliver, and always deliver what we agree to.


We Innovate with an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Everyone is responsible to listen for and bring the best ideas and practices to the company.

stay humble

We Stay Humble
Remember where we came from, learn from our mistakes, and know there is always opportunity for improvement.

see beyond

We See Beyond the Eyeballs
See beyond the person and their task to learn who they are and what inspires and excites them to create mutually beneficial relationships, where people feel supported, understood, and motivated.

Keter is your waste department. Operating in 46 states and over 400 locations, Keter takes your “trash problem” and provides value by creating a waste and recycling program. Keter creates successful programs by addressing all areas. 

Keter Gold Standard


Why Keter is Better

Keter is a “client-first culture” that drives value by listening to our clients and delivering waste and recycling programs that align with their business objectives.



Each client and site is unique, we will listen to understand your needs and bring solutions to meet your goals.



We set aggressive goals and provide transparency on performance.



We are not incentivized by vendors or subcontractors.



Your operational and sustainable goals are not static, we create working relationships that evolve with the needs of the business.


Relevant Data

Provide clients with transparency through timely and actionable data.