Program Benefits

Keter Environmental Services partners with forward thinking companies who understand that reducing and diverting to recycling centers all forms of waste is crucial to an effective and sustainable business strategy.

Turnkey Programs

We know that each company is unique and will leverage technology to evaluate and analyze waste streams and material flows to develop programs that bring benefits to our clients by providing economic, environmental, and societal value.

Our turnkey sustainability programs include the design, implementation, management, and reporting required to turn your waste and recycling problem into a manageable unified solution.



Your Internal Waste and Recycling Department

  • Working with Keter provides the resources required to execute upon your sustainability goals.
  • Monitoring market conditions and government regulations and providing timely guidance to ensure compliance, including ESG.
  • Field based personnel within driving distance to every US major metro.
  • Integrating sustainability into your culture by creating awareness through education, signage, and training.


Aligning Your Business Goals with Data and Efficiency

  • By listening to understand your desired outcomes, Keter becomes your champion in the marketplace, seeking the highest value solutions for your needs.
  • We believe in finding the efficiency in everything we do, including the operational efficiency of our clients.
  • Adjusting the program to meet the evolving waste stream needs.
  • Providing transparency and actionable data at the local, regional and national level.
  • Agnostic to service providers and disposal methods.


Our Ability to Scale With the Needs of the Client

  • Operating in 45 states, we can quickly mobilize programs nationally without losing the advantage of local presence and knowledge.
  • Partnering with Keter provides unique access to all vendors for all waste streams in a market.
  • Ability to provide equipment and roll out programs with a minimal upfront investment of time or dollars.
  • 150 professionals focused on nothing but waste.

Improvement Process

Keter utilizes a combination of technology and expertise to ensure that your waste and recycling program performance aligns with the goals and objectives of your organization.

Applying our best practices and operating guidelines will have a meaningful impact on your operation, but the job is never done. We ensure that your program evolves with the needs of the facility by applying our 4-step continuous improvement process.


1. EVALUATE: Each location is evaluated through a combination of onsite examination and desktop analysis, identifying those opportunities that create operational efficiency, increase recycling, and/or decrease cost.

2. OPTIMIZE: The evaluation state provides an outline for optimization; the Keter team works with each location to adjust equipment types, location, service levels, and waste streams.

3. MANAGE: Waste and recycling programs are dynamic in nature and require a constant eye on detail. The Keter team implements, monitors, and manages the day-to-day process, observing the program in person and making enhancements as needed.

4. REPORT: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” The Keter support team reviews reporting internally to monitor trends and identify additional opportunities, providing monthly reports to local and corporate contacts. Inevitably, reporting leads to new opportunities and the process starts over again at the evaluation stage.

Keter Gold Standard


Why Keter is Better

Keter is a “client-first culture” that drives value by listening to our clients and delivering waste and recycling programs that align with their business objectives.



Each client and site is unique, we will listen to understand your needs and bring solutions to meet your goals.



We set aggressive goals and provide transparency on performance.



We are not incentivized by vendors or subcontractors.



Your operational and sustainable goals are not static, we create working relationships that evolve with the needs of the business.


Relevant Data

Provide clients with transparency through timely and actionable data.