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Students and faculty of college campuses today demand recycling options and sustainable campuses.

These demands paired with reductions in funding for colleges create the perfect environment for a Keter managed program. Many colleges depend on the local hauler to design their programs. Haulers are great at transporting waste, but Keter will go beyond the compactor. By analyzing the waste stream and flow of a campus, Keter works with stakeholders to implement programs that maximize recycling and reduce costs.

Office Buildings

Offices and multiuse complexes create an ideal environment for consolidating waste and driving high volumes of recyclable material.

Keter specializes in working with property ownerships, tenants, and janitorial staff to establish cost effective and efficient waste and recycling programs. Office towers and complexes often require the waste and recycling programs to operate in small or restricted spaces while servicing millions of square feet of tenant space. Keter works with haulers, recyclers, and service providers to structure a program that maximizes available space to drive the highest levels of diversion, resulting in lower overall cost.

Shopping Centers

Malls present unique challenges and require a partnership with property owners, tenants, and vendors to create a harmonious program.

Keter provides the experience and expertise of creating and managing programs across the United States. Through in depth analysis of each property, Keter advances a waste and recycling program dedicated to driving value, efficiency and recycling for the property owner.


Keter represents local governments to ensure that the most efficient and effective programs are in place for users. Keter provides a variety of services to local governments that internalize or franchise waste and recycling operations.