Each property will have access to the eTrac dashboard, providing them with real time data to properly manage the key expense drivers of their program.



This visualizes how much material is being diverted from the landfill utilizing recycling and composting.


Every compactor in Keter’s program is assigned a Target Weight based on the equipment’s specifications, legal limits, legislation in the locality, and the designated content of the compactor. The overall efficiency column is your key indicator of how on target all hauls were for a specific time period.

Recent Property Visit Reports

Documentation of in person visits/meetings at each. Reports include property updates, equipment inspections, and images of each service court.

OBM Recycle Rebate Rates

The OBM tracks the market pricing for cardboard and paper markets. Keter keeps record of the ebbs and flows of the OBM pricing on a monthly basis. Close monitoring of the OBM market ensures we are securing the maximum rebate for all clients.

Property Maps

An equipment map is provided for each property. The Keter map will show where the program’s equipment is located at each property.